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Suitability study of farm land

In Momotaro papaya Institute, we will research and challenge the farm land adaptation for  farming crops.

We have succeeded to improve significantly the farming northern limit of the crop, by paying attention to the temperature adaptability of the underlying condition of the crop cultivation and arouse the cold resistance of crops have originally.

By using own freeze-thaw awakening method, we are now creating and selling new varieties that can not be grown under normal circumstances, such as cultivated climate is too cold or or the necessary plants greenhouse and other equipment in the cultivation.

We have already created varieties is about 20 species at this stage, and we've started with a large-scale farming cultivation of papaya and bananas all around Japan.

Farming promoting material development

New cold resistance plants that produced at Momotaro papaya Institute, have become capable of varieties that grow in the low temperature area than native species. However  for further efficient farming, we must develop fertilizer and field equipment which is required. In Momotaro papaya Institute, we are on test growing by ourselves in-house held field, and we are also developing the promotion material of fertilizer necessary for good farming efficiency.

Farming technical assistance

Using the cold resistance plants to produce at Momotaro papaya Institute, we are also provide farming technical assistance to customers  who are exposed to the farming of new varieties and diversion farm land in order not to do wasteful trial and error, based on the results of the test cultivation in our own arm.

Through those activities, we have distributed cold resistance Momotaro green papaya as a regular crop already launched in domestic largest Tokyo Ota wholesale market from 2014.

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