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The agricultural revolution for the next generation crop.

Area of study

In Momotaro papaya Institute, it will research and challenge the work place adaptation of farming crops.

In particular, it is focusing on the temperature adaptability of the underlying condition of the crop cultivation. By arouse the cold resistance of crops have originally, we have succeeded to change significantly the farming northern limit of the crop.

In addition, we are also working to spread the cultivation efficiency of the produced crops, we are also consulting of development and cultivation method of fertilizer.

The agricultural revolution for the next generation crop.

That the production of tropical crops in temperate-cold climates, as well as achieve high profitability of agriculture, we are also confident that lead to the interests of consumers, we will proceed with further research and development.

What is cold resistance plants?

Although we have common sense that there is a climate suitable for cultivation for each plant, the cold resistance plants, is what the relevant plant is mutated so as to be suitable for cultivation even in a more low-temperature place.

Freeze-thaw awakening method of the plants, which is invented by Momotaro papaya Institute, is a new breed crop production technology using a protoplast  related species synthesis technology in addition to its own cold resistance gene information awakening technology.


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