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Study Results

Study Results

In Momotaro papaya Institute, our own In the challenges research "ice age is adaptability research and evolution to be supplied to the plant ecosystem", we have confirmed the beneficial change phenomenon of the following as a crop.


① Fast phenomenon of significant growth rate

② Dwarfed phenomenon of tree height

③ Arousal phenomenon of cold resistance

④ Arousal phenomenon of species life instinct

⑤ Fruit bloated and rich-producing phenomenon



We have succeeded in the immobilization of arousal phenomenon of ability inherent crops, with this ice age effect artificially reproduced. We have been named this technology as the freeze-thaw awakening method.

What is cold resistance of plants?

<What is cold resistance of plants?>

Although we have common sense that there is a climate suitable for cultivation for each plant, the cold resistance plants, is what the relevant plant is mutated so as to be suitable for cultivation even in a more low-temperature place.


Method of mutation,

① Natural mating and climate adaptation improved method to adapt to the natural environment from the previous.

② Operation improved method of gene DNA.

We have already know above two method, but we, Momotaro Papaya Institute, have developed a unique cold resistance gene information awakening technology. We have improved the plant which has been considered to be suitable for cultivation in the tropics, also we have create the cold resistance plants to allow cultivation in Japan.


<Own new breed crop production technology>

Freeze-thaw awakening method of the plants, which is invented by Momotaro papaya Institute, is a new breed crop production technology using a protoplast related species synthesis technology in addition to its own cold resistance gene information awakening technology.


To awakening the ability genetic information that the plant has from nascent by freeze-thaw method, (and the recovery of cold resistance gene information that has been lost in the global warming, erasing of environment information stored in the warm period that has been brought about by global warming). Also to destroy the cell wall, if necessary, after the freeze-thaw excised protoplasts, and produced new varieties crop, to fusion the protoplast that has been extracted from the near edge species plant.

Different from the genetically modified crops and genetically engineered crops, we believe this is no risk and third of new varieties crop production technology.

Academic Report

<RNA increase phenomenon after freeze-thaw awakening processing>

M.D. Naoki Mitsuhata has verified by transcriptome analysis, RNA increase phenomenon has been confirmed in the plant after our freeze-thaw awakening process. (Exploratory research of cold gene of papaya and bananas in the farming of Honshu area of Japan)



<RNA increase after freeze-thaw awakening processing>

□ Passion fruit species (herbaceous family), 37.25 times the untreated

□ Guava fruit (woody family) 32.83 times the untreated

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